Our Anti-Piracy
Service stops Freebooting
and Illegal Downloads.

Digital Anti Piracy.

Lasso group prevents unauthorized third parties from uploading, sharing and monetizing your movies and TV shows on social media. In addition we can take down links from torrent sites, cyber-lockers, search engines and more. We protect your content on both social and traditional media. This includes YouTube, Facebook, Daily Motion, Instagram and more than 100,000 of the most popular sites. For the traditional piracy protection on torrent sites, search engines etc. the service is powered by our UK partner, MUSO

What we do.


Digital Fingerprints.

For social media we create “digital fingerprints” to help prevent future piracy.


Link Blocking.

Constant monitoring for newly uploaded videos with links to illegal streaming sites and removing search criteria on search engines.


Complete clean-up.

Audit of all the pre-existing infringing material on traditional and social media.